Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Blipfoto- Blink of a Moment

Today is the first day that I will be participating in Blipfoto- The Daily Journal. The concept behind this project is to take one photograph a day and post it to your on line journal. I love the concept and it is a way to create some discipline as well as see the preciousness of a moment as a work of art in our daily lives. The photograph must be posted on the day it is taken. Anyone can participate. Just go to to register if you are interested to begin your own journal. It's great because you get lots of feedback and connection from other photographers. The first photo that I am choosing to post is Creativity in Bloom.

This is a sculpture I did of my hand a while back. I have chosen to place it in my garden for this photograph. It seemed like an appropriate way to begin this photo journey since my hand surgery. It speaks to me as a celebration of Spring's new beginnings, hope and healing that will enable me to be sculpting again soon. It also celebrates the creative outlets that still exist for me!

You can continue to follow my photo journal entitled Blink of a Moment at

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