Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Chair Affair is upon us and Adam & I got to be on TV!

All the Chair Affair festivities are this week and it is getting very exciting! Adam and I were even able to feature our chairs on a local TV show called Fusion. Check it out! Great fun and a great feature on The Community Warehouse. There are still tickets available so please go to the Community Warehouse site to purchase your tickets for either event!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

MADFED Right Brain Auction update

The MADFED auction event was a huge success!! We are very happy to report that we raised nearly $8,000 for The Right Brain Initiative.  I had fun dressing up like June Cleaver, (no I am not ready to post the pix!) certainly a blast from the past and enjoyed registering the guests as they arrived in their 60's MadMen attire. We also helped to raise awareness of our organization among the nearly 150 guests in attendance. 

Remember the right brain! It’s not an education without it.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Inspiration for today........

"Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night."

Fusion and The Chair Affair

This morning Adam and I had a hoot being part of spot filmed about the Chair Affair that will air bright and early (for me at least) this Saturday morning  at 8 am, on a show called Fusion on KOIN channel 6 (CBS). The windows at the former Sak's building look wonderful and are overflowing with the amazing artist creations that go around the block at Pioneer Place on  SW Yamhill. Adam and I got to feature our chairs,(Tiff was with us in the spirit of their collaboration), as the founder of The Community Warehouse Roz and Miriam the Chair's Chair, educated the community about all that the Community Warehouse and Chair Affair bring to our community. The need is greater than ever, to bring families the basic needs as they begin to set up their household in a new apartment, many for the first time. It brings to our attention the creature comforts that many of us take for granted on a day to day basis. Tickets to the two events are selling quickly and a number of chairs have already been sold, so check the website to either purchase your tickets to these great events or to buy your chair + directly from the website. Don't miss out! Help support this great organization!

CHAPS the Children Healing Art Project

Last night I attended the orientation for the newest addition to my many passions. I will be devoting some of my time to CHAPS the Children's Healing Art Project. It seems to be a perfect fit as it combines many of my skills and background explorations, combining art therapy, my love of kids, getting dirty creating art, teaching, social work and everything I have gleaned on my journey thus far. I am looking forward to rolling up my sleeves, flinging paint, watch kids jump on mattresses, throwing paint, facilitating kids making art, and assisting however I am needed. This will also touch on that delicate spot within us all, that  lies between hopefulness and fear, when it comes to children faced with life threatening illnesses and chronic challenges, that they are trying to deal with through the creative process. Kids of all ages, wherever they may be in their lives, in their day to day challenges of just growing up, and finding a place to fit in, to belong, and finding an outlet to express themselves. To be able to make art that in UNCONDITIONAL RIGHT! I am passionate about the ability of art to heal us all. It is essential. You simply cannot do it wrong, unless you do not do it at all. I am very excited to begin this new chapter......

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Check out all the Chair Affair Creations On Line!!

All the work for this year's Chair Affair to benefit the Community Warehouse are now up and running on the website with chances to "buy now" if you see something you absolutely love and cannot make it to the upcoming two wonderful auction events. You can also see all the great creations downtown in Pioneer Place old Sak's building windows on SW 4th and Yamhill. The chairs will be there for tonight's free First Thursday opening reception, as well as throughout the month, culminating in the big events at the same venue. I will be working at The Right Brain Initiative's collaboration with the MADFED auction tonight so I won't be at First Thursday but come see me at the big events April 28 & 29! There are still tickets available but happily they are selling fast (we are already ahead of last year!!!) Enjoy looking at all the chairs +. I am also proud to have my Curious George rocker joined by Adam & Tiff's Hungry Caterpillar rocker this year! This year's event will be the biggest yet! Come out and join us!