Monday, January 26, 2009

My Chair Affair 2009 Before and After

BEFORE: Well it has been such an exhilarating ride creating my chair for the Chair Affair. My chair is entitled "KICKIN' BACK IN PORTLAND"! My chair pays homage to some of the wonderful things that make Portland the perfect place to kick back and relax. I must thank some of the contributors of bits and pieces that helped make the chair come together. Portland Monthly Magazine let me forage through their archives and tear covers off their colorful back issues depicting our glorious city! Tazo Tea gave me great stickers representing their vast array of teas. The local micro breweries all graciously gave me their individual coasters depicting their micro brews. I thank my friends and family whose tirelessly made the sacrifice by drinking beer and wine, and then contributing caps and corks from the many Oregon Wineries and Breweries in town. Our wonderful 2008 Thanksgiving with friends and family didn't hurt, and Michael and I gladly contributed our fair share as well! The Chair Affair Auction takes place on April 23,2009 and the monies raised help The Community Warehouse which is a wonderful organization that has been working overtime and under supplied given this years exceptionally cold winter and our hurting economy. This has created an even greater need this year for donations of home items and funds for the many families in need. You can have a fun evening, see the wonderfully created chairs by local artists and hopefully bring home an outrageous one of a kind sculptural chair knowing you have not only artistically enriched your surroundings but have greatly helped a family in need! AFTER:


I am a bullmastiff. said...

Your chair looks really cool. You will definitely raise a lot of money with it. Is there anything special for the chair that sells for the most? Nicely done. I would like to see it in person.


Sidney said...

Hi Jo,
I love your chairs! I also loved reading about how your artistic mind works. Obsession is a positive trait in an artist. Don't lose yours.