Monday, August 24, 2009

50/50 Exhibit/Benefit Sale FIrst Friday 100th Monkey

Today I created my piece for the 50/50 exhibit at 100th Monkey Studio! I am very pleased with the result. I was inspired to create a book that will hang on the wall for the exhibit out of my 8" x 8" panel of wood. It is filled with images I photographed, essays I wrote, quotes from wonderful sources that I have collected and other mixed media. The piece is entitled "Connection". It will be at the exhibit/sale to benefit the scholarship fund at 100th Monkey Studios. I hope you can come to the exhibit and own a piece of original art for merely $50 and benefit the scholarship fund as well! These pieces will be sold directly off the wall, on a first come first serve basis. What better way to engage in the remarkable story that the studio was named for and become part of the change. Please join me and the other Portland area artists The opening reception on First Friday September 4th 100th Monkey is located at 110 SE 16th Ave and Ankeny. This will also mark the third anniversary of the studio that was created by two determined young women who wanted to create a difference through creating a place for creating art. The name The 100th Monkey Studio was adopted because the founders, Beth Ann Short and Joy Leising saw the opportunity for humankind to have the same sort of “phenomenon” in relation to using art as a means of self-care as well as self-expression. It is our goal that art making in a community setting become infectious, bringing art into people’s everyday life. In this creative community space any one is welcome to come and learn from each other, while supporting and embracing each other's differences. I hope to become a volunteer at the 100th Monkey this coming fall. The name of the studio was inspired by a story one of the partners read. It is a story that some believe to be fiction, but the message is one of positive social change. The Japanese monkey, Macaca Fuscata, had been observed in the wild for a period of over 30 years. It was documented that in 1952, on the island of Koshima, scientists had been leaving the monkeys sweet potatoes in the sand in exchange for a look into their social culture. In 1958, one female was documented as washing the sweet potatoes in a nearby stream to rid it of the dirt and sand. She was documented as teaching the habit to her mother and her playmates. The new trait spread throughout the island. Suddenly not just on this island, but on surrounding islands and onto the mainland monkeys were washing their food. The number 100 is merely a symbol, but in the story it was used to recognize when the trait forever changed the species. This magical occurrence was named the 100th Monkey Phenomenon. The 100th Monkey Studio is a strong supporter of community. When able, the studio partners with non-profits for monthly shows to give the non- profits a platform to educate the community about what they do. Past partners have included but are not limited to: * My Story Workshops * Dove Lewis * Children's Relief Nursery * Quest Center * SMYRC * Green Empowerment * Zimbabwe Artist Project * Africa AIDS Response

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Dayna Collins said...

I love the piece you created for the 100th Monkey Show! I couldn't make it to the opening reception, but stopped by on Saturday and I didn't see your piece - it must have sold on the first night (and I can see why).