Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Circle of Healing

Yesterday I was blessed with the wonderful healing energy of the beautiful women in my yoga class. At the end of class Belle asked me to come into the center as I was surrounded by this wonderful circle of women. They all chanted OM for me and sent me their good wishes for a successful surgery and swift healing. It was difficult to allow myself to RECEIVE I must admit, but I felt so blessed to have these people in my life. This was followed by an offer from Janice to do a healing prayer for me and for Belle. Her hands were so hot as they hovered over my head and I felt her powerful healing prayer energy as well. On Sunday, after a wonderful dance, especially connecting in such a tender way with Teresa, she offered to come over after the surgery to do some Reiki on me and share Craft magazines. Last week Nes (baby Leyla too of course!) and HsiYi also offered to come over for tea and company after the surgery. I feel so rich as I enter into this very frightening surgery tomorrow, knowing that I am not alone. I fear the pain of the surgery, but mostly I fear that the surgery will not work. I am trying with much difficulty to be optimistic and just trust and allow. It is time to surrender with hopefullness~~~~~~~~~

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