Sunday, July 11, 2010

Rest and Renewal

Today is the first day that I begin the GAPS program, and I am allowing myself some retreat time this week to nurture my body, mind and spirit, and through this I know I will do some deep long overdue healing. I am cooking away, creating bone broths for my intro cleanse using the crock pot lovingly given to me by my biggest supporter and coach through all this, my daughter Jenni, with her infinite wisdom about health, food and life.

On a lighter note, I was reflecting on a few photo accomplishments this past month,. I submitted three photographs that I have taken on my many excursions in Portland, and out and about in Oregon accompanied by my trusty friend, my camera. I was honored to have them posted on various sites and given three wonderful gifts to honor my participation and the beauty of my pictures. I have been gifted with a rafting trip down the Deschutes River, a gift card to a local coffee shop, and 6 pounds of organic local coffee!! How cool to be rewarded for doing what I love to do. Very encouraging and wonderful when others see and honor the beauty of my labors of love! Although I wish I could totally let go of "ego",  I am admittedly human,  and external acknowledgment,  just plain feels good!  
I also unloaded my first "Chair Installation" kiln firing. I then mounted the white ceramic chairs on a wall to begin building and creating my installation. At present, I have 3 pre-op and 18 post-op chairs that are mounted, and each holds and item of special meaning to me that represents time, the detritus of everyday life, the things I have been collecting and saving along the way to my healing, be it hand, health, spirit, and/or life. The working title of the piece is "Waiting". I will be posting pictures as soon as I take them. Until then, I am continuing to sculpt chairs....... one down ??????? to go! Will I actually end up creating 365 hand built small chairs, or 105? Time, patience and engagement in the process will tell.

I need to focus on these positive accomplishments more than ever now, when I am feeling a bit drained and lacking the physical and emotional energy to create in a concrete way. For now I am germinating~~~~~~~~~~~ 

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