Friday, June 21, 2013

Reflections on Sedona

Life has been so fast track lately, all good, but I had yet to have a moment to reflect back on my amazing excursion to Sedona, with one of my favorite travel buddies Jenni. As with every trip, I feel closer and deeper growing love and connectedness to her. Just when I think it can't get any richer, it does! We shared many hikes, and explored new places in the amazingly colored landscape of Sedona. I was pushed to new heights (literally) and my comfort zone and vision was expanded, as only Jenni can bring out in me. It was beyond amazing, and I will cherish it always. When the concierge gave us our maps with vortex points labelled and with some suggested hikes, we agreed we would "create our own legend"! (not unlike the book I was reading at the time, The Alchemist). 

We hiked, explored, built cairns, ate, laughed, shared stories, traversed creeks, Nurse Jenni fashioned a bandage for my toe from a Lara bar wrapper and hair tie!, sipped Margaritas, posed with sculptures in the night, swam, soaked, smuggled beer into the pool, showered outdoors, feasted some more by the creek, hiked and climbed higher, and just when I thought I was lost, I realized that every journey I share with Jenni I find a bit more of myself and that is immeasurable!

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love you,
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