Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Portland State University Iraq Body Count Installation

As I walked on Broadway toward Portland State University, my destination the International Women's Day Fair, I was somehow drawn to take a detour onto Park. As I approached the South Park Blocks, I was overcome by a vision in the distance of fields and fields of what seemed to be red and white tulips. I was astounded by these colorful flowers, that seemed to emerge from the ground over night. As I got closer and closer, I realized that these were not flowers but in fact small red and white flags. Crouched on the ground were a dozen people "planting" these small flags. As I approached, a voice from the ground asked me if I would like to "honor the dead" and I was handed a "bouquet" of white flags on rusty stems. I too crouched in prayer as I quietly and meditatively planted flags to memorialize those Iraqis killed in the war to date. Each white flag represented 5 Iraqis killed and each red flag represented 5 Americans killed. Since 2003, 655,000 Iraqis and 3,972 Americans have been killed in this senseless war. The contrast was astounding. As I complete my planting I rose and thanked the woman for inviting me to participate in this moving installation. I felt so deeply overwhelmed and touched to the core of my being as I gazed into my blood-like rust covered palms. I felt ashamed to be a part of an American people that beyond my control has chosen war, yet I felt honored and empowered that I choose to be a humanitarian that lives with peace in her heart and in her actions. Somehow I believe that acts that honor peace have a far reaching impact on humanity and in the world. I continued on to the Women's fair forever changed.

Let Your Voice be Heard

Congress needs to know what you think of the Iraq War. Please take five minutes to call or write a letter today!

There is much dissagreement about what should be done about the war in Iraq, but the most important thing is that your congressperson hears from you. Call or write their offices weekly, or as often as you feel the need.

To contact your U.S. Senators, go here.

To Contact your U.S. Representatives, go here.

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