Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Spiritual Magic of Creation

When I was creating my sculpture at Hummingbird Studios, I did not remember bringing reference images. My sculpture kept appearing to have an Asian face although I was attempting a Caucasian woman. I kept fighting it and suddenly it was apparent that the serene and peaceful demeanor of the sculpture read as something much more, something with a higher presence. Once I accepted that, things became clear to me. The only face that I had packed with me long before my trip, one which I had forgotten to look at in the studio for reference, was that of a Buddha. In addition the book I chose to bring on this trip was The Art of Happiness, by the Dalai Lama! Once I surrendered to the sculpture, things began to magically fall into place. It was even suggested to me that she resembled Kuan Yin, the Buddhist Goddess of Protection and Compassion. Kuan Yin is who first brought me into my house in Portland since she is the sentinel on my front lawn. I also surround myself with images and statues of her throughout my home. I have been exploring the path of Buddhism lately and how it fits into my life, so I guess this is in me in a more spiritual cellular level. It seems to rise to the surface through my fingers without me being conscious of it. It continues to amaze me that our subconscious is so aware of things before our consciousness catches up. Therein lies the magic, the mystery, the spiritual aspect of creation for me!

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