Monday, February 16, 2009

The Chair Affair 2009 Second Chair completed

I just finished delivering my two chairs to the Community Warehouse for the Chair Affair. The second chair is Let The Good Times Roll Again! or as it is they referred to in The Big Easy, AKA New Orleans, Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler Recommencer! This is my tribute chair to honor New Orleans. There is no city in the US like it. I guess I became inspired since I will be visiting this wonderful city for the fifth time next year. This will be my first time since hurricane Katrina ravaged the city on August 28, 2005. When you look at my chair you see the colorful, Mardi Gras spirit that pervades the city all year long. It is the most vibrant place I have ever visited. The people are diverse and the artistic international character is everywhere you look. The French Quarter, is filled with painters, mimes, fortune tellers and musicians. You would never know that the rest of the city and state had been destroyed by hurricane Katrina almost four years ago. You can place my chair against the wall and see nothing but the joyous, colorful spirit that makes New Orleans unique. Upon closer look, hidden behind the chair, some of the true story that has taken place is revealed. It is our choice as humanitarians to look at the chair from all sides, stop hiding the atrocities that have shattered this neglected city, and begin to truly rebuild this treasure.

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