Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Chair Affair 2009 Update

I am please to announce that The Anka Gallery on NW 6th is going to show the chairs during April and host a First Thursday opening on April 2nd! This is a wonderful free opportunity to preview all the chairs that will be auctioned off at the Chair affair, and to learn about theevent and the Community Warehouse. Tickets for the CHAIR AFFAIR will be available for purchase there.The CHAIR AFFAIR will be on Thursday, April 23rd this year.

I am very excited since this is my first time as an participating artist. I know it is always a fun event and this year we will be in a large space, so please help the Community Warehouse by buying tickets, bidding on one of a kind artist chairs and have a fabulous time! Tickets can also be bought through the website www.communitywarehouse.org I had such an awesome time creating my first chair Kickin Back In Portland that I am going through withdrawal, so I have decided to create another chair. As fate has it I was walking down the street a few weeks ago and there was a guy having a garage sale and I wanted one of his chairs. He said I could have it for $3 but only if I took the second chair off his hands for free! I of course could not resist the offer. It has been looking at me very intensely and beckoning me to transform it, so I gave into the burning desire yesterday. It is already half completed and it is all I can think about. (A bit obsessive/compulsive? Absolutely, but I don't think it counts if it is for charity does it!?) Well, I am attaching a before picture of the chair that is becoming Let The Good Times Roll Again! or the way they refer to it in The Big Easy, AKA New Orleans, Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler Recommencer! This is my tribute chair to honor New Orleans in many ways. There is no city in the US like it. I guess I became inspired since I will be visiting this wonderful city for the fifth time next year. This will be the first time since hurricane Katrina ravaged the city. Check back soon to see the completed chair or better yet stop by the Anka Gallery on April 2 to see it and all the others in person.

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