Thursday, May 13, 2010

Counting My Blessings

I had the most wonderful Mother's Day! For the first time I got to spend the day with Michael and all three of my children! Wow!! I was served a wonderful meal prepared with loving hands and lots of dog drool to boot. The gifts I received were so thoughtful and wonderful, although the gift of being with four of my favorite people was present enough. In addition, on Tuesday an even greater gift was seeing my new wrist x-ray and to actually be able to see the bone beginning to fill in. Now the most perfect gift I can pray for is Adam having a positive appointment with his surgeon next week. The outcome of Adam being healed is all I could ever wish for right now. Still I count my too numerous to mention blessings! I feel so loved so who could ask for anything more!


Sparks of Spirit Glass said...

I continue to hold you in my thoughts! I had a blast scavenging with you and look forward to doing it again!
Best wishes to your son as he begins his own healing process!

Laura said...

What happened to your wrist? I am glad you are healing. Hoping all is ok with Adam as well.