Saturday, May 29, 2010

San Francisco Maker's Faire 2010

I was delighted to be a part of the Leave No Plastic Behind Project now known as Create Plenty. Since becoming a part of the project I have made a strong commitment to decreasing my use and and my family's use of plastic in our daily lives. I have made some drastic and permanent changes which make me truly feel like part of the solution. My square for the Leave No Plastic Behind project (fourth row down, third from the right) became part of a larger International Quilt Project that was accepted into the San Francisco Maker's Faire.

Thanks to Lydia, Vicky, Emily, and Jessica the International Plastic Quilt has been sewn onto vertical panels for display. It was exhibited to thousands in San Francisco Maker Faire this past weekend, some parts will be at the Lizard Lounge on June 3 for First Thursday in Portland's Pearl District. And some parts will be at the San Mateo County Fair in California during June...and...and...

Next stop...your school? Lobby? Gallery? Livingroom? It's ready to go, and in some cases a person along with it to lead workshops and presentations! Who knows where it will be next. I will possibly think of a place and arrange to display it as I did with the Rubia Quilt. Hopefully all the people that saw the Quilt or participated in creating it, will be impacted and inspired to make some permanent changes in their own daily use of plastics as well. It truly is a trickle down effect. Think of one thing that you can do to eliminate or decrease your plastic use. I now bring wax bags, that I ordered on line, to the deli counter and ask them to put my food in it instead of the plastic bag. It is an easy small change that can have a huge impact in the long run. Let your imagination run wild, get creative and imagine your own possibilities???!!!

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