Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Roller Coaster Called Life~~~~~~~

Well my feet are beginning to settle into home. It has been a wild and wonderful two weeks of travel and all things wonderful and I am trying to just digest it all and savor the richness. Travel is always difficult for me, as I am quite the homebody, but it was all beautifully full, so what more can I ask for? It will take me several posts to catch up and fully express my experiences these past weeks, so I will begin with the California leg of my travels. We visited our beloved Jenni as she had a last fling before a summer jaunt in Portland to test the waters before returning to SF in the fall for Holistic Culinary Arts College. I also had a consult with her Dr. who has a unique holistic Fourfold approach to health.  I have a lot of digesting to do regarding the changes, mostly dietary philosophy, that I will be making for myself in the coming months. It is going to be quite a challenge but will hopefully improve my quality of life. Change has never been easy for me, so I meet this new chapter with much trepidation, yet with hope. We then continued to have great fun during our SF visit. We BBQ'd with her wonderful friends, and then we, "the three amigos", explored Napa where the weather, food, laughter, wine and fun could not have been more wonderful. We stayed in a funky B & B and can actually say "Elvis slept there"!  We got to hear some amusing Hollywood gossip stories from the innkeeper. We then returned to finish the week off with my niece Emily's lovely graduation. We have invited her for her first solo trip to visit this summer. So glad we could share this family time in celebration.

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