Wednesday, September 29, 2010 be understood, to be more than pure light..................

There was only one night to dance between travels 
 although feeling exhausted
the dance called to me
 I write now, even more exhausted
yet the dance last night was rich 
To dance my emotions 
 the best way to move through my life.
Learning how to be present to something 
to someone that hurts.
To be able to stop questioning why
someone would want to hurt you
Love should not hurt. 
Learning to lean into
 when being pushed away.
To let pain pass through 
without it taking up residence in your being
To allow the hurt and the memories to melt away 
 To not let them be absorbed into your soul.
Letting go of expectations, needs, longings. 
To remain pure.
To be understood.
To be more than pure light.
......Scars remind us where we have been,
they don't have to dictate where we are going.......

"The spirit
  likes to dress up like this:
    ten fingers, 
      ten toes,

shoulders, and all the rest
  at night
    in the black branches,
      in the morning

in the blue branches
  of the world.
    It could float, of course,
      but would rather

plumb rough matter.
  Airy and shapeless thing,
    it needs 
      the metaphor of the body,

lime and appetite,
  the oceanic fluids;
    it needs the body's world,

and imagination
  and the dark hug of time,
      and tangibility,

to be understood,
  to be more than pure light
    that burns
      where no one is --

so it enters us --
  in the morning
    shines from brute comfort
      like a stitch of lightning;

and at night
  lights up the deep and wondrous
    drownings of the body
      like a star."
by Mary Oliver, from Dream Work

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Sparks of Spirit Glass said...

Your writing always inspires me!
thank you Jo!