Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Rich Sunday

After feeling under the weather all week, I knew what I needed most, but almost couldn't muster the strength. To go and do what I knew deep within, would lift me to the level that I desperately needed. To allow myself to pull myself out of my funk. I arrived at dance a few minutes early, and had a chance to settle in, to be witness to the other beautiful bodies of the early dance session, moving in and through the space, fully present to their bodies, that moment in time and space. The room began to clear and open for those of us who would dance the second session. I was reminded by J'aime, before I went in, that movement is tied to our lymphatic system and our bodies need to move to heal. I knew I was right in pushing myself to show up. We joined in our opening circle and Winky shared some wonderful visual words that touched me deeply and I began to melt further into myself. She told a bit about the documentary on Annie Leibovitz as she was talking with Mikail Baryshnikov about photographing dance.  Leibovitz had come to the conclusion that it was impossible to photograph dance, because "dance is art in air". Wow, need I say more???????
In the evening I had the wonderful opportunity to go to my friend Danelle's house for a meditation sit. I have been wanting to jump start my practice for quite a while now and have felt paralyzed. This was a wonderful opportunity to make room for the quiet, the space between; whether it is space between the words, the thoughts, the breaths or the movements I danced earlier.
I feel so grateful for my community of seekers on the same path.


Sparks of Spirit Glass said...

finding the balance between movement and stillness, music and silence.....a worthy pursuit!

Sherry Stewart said...

I can relate to this. So nice you've got these places nearby to meet up at. In my 30's ( soooo long ago) I took 20 hours of ballet a week. Incredible. Just awesome.
When I moved to the PznW I began running hills ( my 40's) set back the aging process a lot. I backpacker a lot too. Now I'm much older and am somewhat reclusive. To which I seem to be resigned.
But life always surprises us and I never know what to expect.
But I relate so much to your life and spiritually as well as I reach for my mala beads. Glad I found you. I'll be inspired I'm sure. Thanks. Today I am,,,