Thursday, January 26, 2012


Yesterday after my chiropractic visit to try to get this back problem resolved, I went for a walk as recommended by my doctor. It was the first non-rainy day so I headed to walk in the Pearl. I passed Antiques and Oddities at 1605 NW Everett St. and peered into the window. There I spotted a few antique tea pots and cups. Just what I have been looking for, to complete my pair of chairs for the Chair Affair (once I am able to work on them again and feeling frustrated as we are getting down to the wire on finishing them). By the way, I am not someone who works well under pressure or leaves things for the last minute. That is way out of my comfort zone, and with feeling like there is no light at the end of this back pain tunnel, I am forced to allow this to be right now. I have no other choice. I went into the store to browse and keep my sanity a bit and found just the little set I have been looking for. Right style, right colors, higher price than I wanted to pay. The thrift stores have not come even close to having any prospects for pots that would be an asset to my chairs. The owner, Steve Wolford, saw me looking and asked if he could be of some help. I got onto my Chair Affair/Community Warehouse soap box and poured out my heartfelt passion for both. After a lovely and lengthy conversation, Steve said, " you are so passionate about this so how about $10" and I responded "that's practically free!" and took him up on his offer. Wow, all you have to do is put it out there, and you never know what you are going to get! He also said that he always has lots of chairs in is warehouse that are a bit beat up, needing some lovin, and that he would be happy to offer to next years event too. Well my back still hurts, but my spirit is filled with the generosity of spirit that shows up at the most unexpected times. If you are ever in the neighborhood, please check out his amazing shop of wonderful finds and support a local business owner that knows the meaning of giving.

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