Friday, January 20, 2012

Working on My Chairs, Another Blip In The Road

 As I savored working on my pair of chairs for the Chair Affair last weekend at the lake, my back went out on me, so for now, the hopes of getting them done early is a mere dream. I still believe they will be done on time, since we actually have until Feb 10 to hand them in. The frustration, however, remains and I have to just be with it, as I am laid up on my back. I do hope to be up to attending the first meeting of our newly forming (yet to be named) new Portland Artist Collective spin off tomorrow afternoon at The Lucky Lab in Multnomah Village at 3 pm. I am really looking forward to meeting a group of like minded creative spirits who want to create a sense of artist community. I am very excited about the possibilities. For now, I rest............ Here are a few before and progress pix of my set of chairs that will be named "The Tao of Tete a Tea".

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