Saturday, February 9, 2013

Today I am putting the finishing touches on my chair for the Community Warehouse's Annual Chair Affair. This year's creation is a child's rocking chair, with the timeless theme of Sesame Street. It was only yesterday that I shared watching the show with my little ones, now 30 and 33 years of age (and by the way Jenni and Adam are participating in the Chair Affair once again along with my newer "kid" by marriage, the very creative Tiffany). My little rocker is perfect to cuddle up in and watch Sesame Street or rock and read in. It comes with a blanket for snuggling on those chilly Portland days. It also comes with a little Ernie doll and Sesame Street tee shirt to wear, along with a sleep sac for those nights when your little one wants to go "camping" with Ernie in the comfort of their own bedroom. I know that the lucky recipient of this chair will make hours of memories with it and hopefully it will be an instant heirloom that they will share with their little ones someday.

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