Tuesday, November 10, 2009

LNPB Leave No Plastic Behind Update

How exciting to see the art blocks that have been created by the other artists joining in the LNPB project, so please be sure to check them out and read the artist's before and after statements. This is the "sixth chapter" of the project and my first. I will continue to be a part of LNPB.
MEET THE ARTISTS of the National Plastic Quilt Project August—October 2009 Leave No Plastic Behind, Portland’s 6th “Episode” (also known as an art exhibit), marks a collective eighteen months during which artist/participants lived creatively and plastic-free. The Quilt Project is a representation of artists, families and individuals aware of the depth to which plastic affects our shared earth. You may be a part of lucky episode number 7, which begins in March 2010. Sign up for our email list to keep apprised of the details. The Quilt thus far will be on display various locations throughout Portland during November and December 2009 beginning at the Junk to Funk Fashion show on November 14th at the Crystal Ballroom! Full schedule to be posted soon. Have a space? Book the quilt!

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