Thursday, November 12, 2009

Social Trash News

"Social Trash" News

The Leave No Plastic Behind NATIONAL PLASTIC QUILT PROJECT travels! Although it's called a Quilt, it's part of many important efforts to awaken the masses about the messes surrounding plastic dependence! You may see the new additions online here. Thanks to artists Amy, Claudia, Clare, Clay, Kelly, Staj, Daniella, Heather, Holly, Bryce, Brie, Vicky, Taylor, Jo and Bridget for all 18 square feet of thought-provoking works of art!

On the tour schedule so far is this year's Junk to Funk fashion show on November 14th, Century High School in Hillsboro during December and, in May, a likely trip to the snazzy Bay Area! If you have ideas for where the Quilt can go, please email

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