Saturday, January 9, 2010

Pieces of The Past

In an attempt to focus on the CAN DO and not on the CANT'S,  I photographed my completed piece for The Chair Affair 2010. She is aptly entitle "Pieces of the Past." I am faced with a cancelled surgical date for my wrist and anxiously awaiting the rescheduled date, to say the least. I am trying to hold it together, leaving pieces of the past behind, moving forward with the new, but with the inability to let go of memories and experiences from the past, be they positive or negative. Memories are something we carry with us. It is not a choice. Creating the chair has been therapeutic for my spirit but painful for my hand. I am glad she is completed. I feel a sense of satisfaction that I was able to complete her and pour my pent up creative juices into her to the best of my ability and to try to accept that being enough. She is, what she is. The chair I began with is old. She feels broken, lost, left behind. The chair is collaged with handmade paper I bought, that reminded me of days gone by, possibly another era, another place. I then used the chair as a place to land. I patched her up, added worn, rusted, found and collected elements. I created an assemblage of things I have found and collected that conjure memory, partly for me and partly for some other fictitious life. There is a sadness about her. She has a sense of completion for me, yet a sense of possibility, of waiting for someone, something, to arrive. 

I sit with her........I sit..........I wait...........I become her..............

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Sparks of Spirit Glass said...

It's a great photo....I like the closeup. She exudes patience and wisdom.
I can hardly wait to meet your chair in person.