Saturday, January 30, 2010

What you can do and have done to help the Community Warehouse!

Message from Roz Babener
Board President- The Community Warehouse

Dear Friends,

In 2009, the Community Warehouse, with your support, helped more than 10,000 of our neighbors live in dignity in their own home. As the only "furniture bank" in the Portland metro area, Community Warehouse is a resource for over 100 social service agencies working to support at risk individuals and families providing a missing piece - the essential household furnishings to help people gain the stability and confidence that will help them move forward with their lives and the lives of their children.

Your generosity cannot be truly appreciated without hearing about a few of those we helped together:
-  A mom and her 2 young children escaping an abuser in another state - now have a furnished apartment and a chance to start over.
-  A family with 3 children who lost their home when the father lost his job. They have been living in their car for months. With a stable home, the children can go to school and the parents can look for work.
-  A homeless vet can be discharged from the hospital because now he has a place to go.

The idea is simple. Household furnishings that you no longer need are a piece of what has made a difference for these families. Thank you for your part in making the Warehouse available in our community.

Roz Babener
Board President

The current wait time for families requesting twin and full mattresses can be up to 2 months.

-Donate your mattresses
-Tell your friends
-Donate Funds
$40 = matt/box

Help us tackle this problem and get more twin and full mattresses into the Warehouse.
Community Warehouse
-Cooking Utensils
-Dishrack Strainers
-Measuring Cups
-Casserole Dishes
-Coffee Makers
We are open to accept donations 7 days a week
3969 NE MLK Jr. Blvd
Portland, OR

If you would like your donations picked up for a $20 fee please call
Community Warehouse
Garage Sale
Funky Finds, Good Stuff, and more of what you have come to love at our new Garage Sale.

Sat and Sun
Right next to
Estate Store
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