Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Finished Chair Affair Rocker!

Hooray!!! This morning I put the finishing touches on my piece that will be auctioned off at the Chair Affair this year to benefit The Community Warehouse. I am excited about my little cutie this year and it is such a coincidence that I began this chair a few months ago and the Portland Children's Museum just opened their Curious George exhibit! Is that synchronicity or what!? I hope that will make my little gem a hot ticket! Here is a glimpse of the chair I named "Curious George and The Rocking Reader Chair"

This year we are delighted that not only the previews of the over 100 artist chairs, but the events themselves, will be in the old Sak's building downtown! Please check out the warehouse website for updates on the upcoming Chair Affair previews and events, as well as to see pictures of the chairs and artists as they get posted over the next few weeks. There will be opportunities to "buy now" via paypal before the actual Chair Affair event, so check back often to see the wonderful offerings that will help raise money for an amazing charity that helps provide the basic necessities that we all sometimes take for granted, like beds, dishes and cooking utensils to families trying to get back on their feet. I am passionate about this organization and this event so join me in supporting The Community Warehouse. If you don't feel inclined to bid on   a Chair Affair chair, you can help support the warehouse by keeping them in mind when you are looking for a new home for your gently used housewares. The Warehouse happily welcomes all donations of goods!

Curious George and The Rocking Reading Chair
Your child can rock and read the day away in this comfy pillowed rocker complete with blankie and book pouch filled with Curious George books with room for more!