Thursday, March 18, 2010

Visiting The Windows

I strolled downtown to enjoy people watching on the square, taking pictures of  The Chair Affair Windows (you can see the pictures by clicking on the link),  stopping into a few galleries in the Pearl, and napping on a bench in the sun at Jamison Park. It felt good to get out, move, engage in the world instead of being a self imposed injured hermit). I had an inspiring conversation at the Blackfish Gallery with the featured artist Paul Missal.  One of his paintings especially intrigued me. It depicted Han Xiang one of the Eight Taoist Immortals who demonstrated the power of the Tao by pouring out cup after cup of wine from the gourd without end. The phrase Paul Missal had in the description with the title resonated within me. It was "What can I bring forth in you"? I am meditating on this notion of what I can bring forth in myself regardless of my limitations as I perceive them, and with that change the way I feel.

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