Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Chair Affair is A Great Success!! More to follow.......

Well.........big exhale......... Thursday and Friday night's big Chair Affair events were a smashing success! The tallies are not in yet but I know we will no doubt all be pleasantly surprised! The focus of the first evening's events was the big ticket auction items as well as the wonderful paddle raise for the Warehouse. That said, The Very Satisfied Caterpillar chair created by Tiff and Adam were quite a hit and sold the first night for full price!! Yeah!! I was a proud mama as I monitored and talked up the kids' section. I had a bid on my Curious George chair by a woman without small kids in her life. My heart was filled when she told me she would donate the chair to the Doernbecker Children's Hospital if she won it. It made me think about making more children's items for the hospital in the coming year. More wonderful possibilities to fill my intention life of service. Friday, the focus was on chairs plus. I loved greeting the artists as they arrived and gave them their name tag that had a picture of their creation on it. How great to put a face to the chair! I did my share of mingling as well. A highlight was meeting a man who kept lingering over my Curious George rocker. I happened upon him as he was placing his bid as well as leaving me a little note that it would be for his 5 month old son Luke if he won. We spoke a while and he told me he was not ready to make the top guaranteed price at that time and that if he won it would be fate. Later in the evening he tracked me down to tell me he could not risk losing the chair by being out-bid and he had decided to buy it at it's full price! I was delighted and told him to cherish this time with Luke and enjoy the chair as I reflect with deep motherly heartfelt love celebrating my "little boy's" birthday today, May day, as he turns 32!! It was only yesterday that he would have been sitting in this chair rocking as I read him Curious George! How deeply I am filled with a sense of gratefulness and richness for having been a part of such an amazing event- The 2011 Chair Affair, but more importantly the most important part I play in my life, that of mother! I am so grateful that I have a bed to sleep in tonight and every night (especially with my aching feet Thur and Friday!), and am blessed with a home filled with all my needs taken care of to create family. I feel so filled with gratefulness that my work with The Chair Affair committee as artist and volunteer gives me the satisfaction of knowing that other families will experience this feeling as well as they are now able to provide beds and the necessities we all need to turn our house into a home, because of the wonderful work the Community Warehouse does! 

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