Monday, May 23, 2011

Starting to think of MOM again already!?

What's new in 2011 for MOM?

Thanks to the Oregon Convention Center's generosity in providing us with additional space, 
we'll be able to bring the patients INSIDE to wait for treatment! 
The clinic will still be first come, first served, but at 4am on Monday and Tuesday mornings, we’ll open the doors to the first 1,000 in line. 
We will get them registered and have oral and other health education stations set up in the waiting area.
This also means that some of the departments will open earlier than they did last year as we’d like to have people in the dental chairs and dentists working at 6 am!
Keep an eye on the OrMOM website for more information on the 2011 clinic. 
All are welcome to volunteer doing anything from registration, escorting, translating and as runners.

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